Wheat-free looks good on me

yhst-51648428696253_2169_3939Last month I got the diagnosis of wheat sensitivity. It sucked to hear my doctor say “I would urge you to go off wheat for at least 6 months…” I LOVE baking, I have a sourdough starter I’ve been using for years, I grew up milling wheat berries from the fertile grounds of Southern Colorado, I grew up baking loaves of bread every week.

So, as any rational adult with a new dietary restriction I went out and behaved like a child – eating all manner of wheat products from donuts to tortillas. Then I drew the line in the sand, pulled out my bag of xanthan gum from the pantry and googled for days.

I loathe dietary trends but must confess being wheat-free in 2014 is way easier than a decade ago, or even a few years ago. After the initial shock of needing 1,732 kinds of non-wheat flours to make pancakes for Saturday morning breakfast I’ve settled into my new diet. And found some great budget cheats like picking up five pounds of sorghum flour at the Indian market for a fraction of the price Whole Paycheck wants.

As a lifelong vegetarian I was also surprised that a wheatless diet would include EVEN MORE FIBER than I was already consuming. The first two weeks were especially challenging to find the right balance of water intake and healthy fats to counter-balance all this new fiber in my diet. After that I dropped a couple of pounds in the midsection and my skin responded quickly.

Wheat-free recipes that do not suck:

Wheat-free box mixes that also do not suck:

I’ve done lot’s of wheat-free recipe hacks so I’ll try to add more of those as I get back into blogging over here in the coming months.