Rollin’, rollin’ to a boil

Ginger Orange Marmalade

Ginger Orange Marmalade

In a search for local canning events I ran across Food in Jars’ recipe for Orange-Ginger Marmalade the other day. With Saturday’s adventures in making Kumquat Marmalade bringing me back into the world of canning after a *long* hiatus I was itching to try it again. The Kumquat didn’t set up as thickly as I’d like — though it will make an amazing pancake compote topping! — so I chose a recipe using pectin this time.

The ginger in this marmalade is subtle but very welcome, almost warms the mouth a little. Won’t that be nice come snowy weather?

Pop, pop, pop go the little jar lids. That sound reminds me of my childhood: fingers sticky from “helping” mom, the kitchen humid and aromatic, *pop* what’s that sound mom?? It’s just the jelly talking to us.


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