Making pickles

My very European spouse loves a good, crisp, pickled cucumber. He’s been known to come home with a quart of pickles from the European deli, scooping them out of murky liquids in a 5-gallon bucket. That just looks unsanitary folks! So, I’m trying my hand at making pickles that I know *exactly* what ingredients are there and where they came from.

I started with a simple brining recipe from the Ball Canning Book:

I used fresh dill picked from the garden box:

And some pickling salt I picked up at the local hardware store. I found the most amazing glass jar at a local department store (is it supposed to be a cookie jar??), that was the perfect size for my 5.5 pounds of local, greenhouse cucumbers.

About four days into the pickling process I realized I wanted garlic, so I threw in a half dozen cloves or so and some “pickling spices” I found at Market Basket.

Here they are soaking in their second-to-last rinse water to debrine before they can be eaten. I won’t be canning this batch as I’m sure they’ll be gone in a week or two!

Wanna’ come over for some pickles later?


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