Update on the rain barrel

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I excitedly added three goldfish to our rain barrel? Yeah, that project was an epic fail. 😦

Too late to save the fish, we discovered the gutter that was supplying water to our rain barrel was growing a weird algae-mold that was, drip-by-drip, contaminating the water in the barrel itself. Boo! I had to scoop out my new finned friends, as they floated to the water’s surface, and give them a quick burial in the back yard.

The height of the gutters on that side of the house made it improbable for us to reach them safely with the tallest ladder we own so we brought out the professionals this week for a thorough cleaning. This morning I emptied the entire 55 gallons of water from the barrel, gave it a good washing with the garden hose (my first time to use tap water outdoors this season!), and it is awaiting a refill with this weekend’s forecasted rain showers.

I’m on the fence about trying to introduce new feeder goldfish to the barrel as I’m unsure what I would do if the leaf rot virus (I just made that up) returned and threatened the fish again. What would you do? I really wanted some mosquito-larvae control in the barrel, and peeking in to see little darts of orange fin was so cool! Maybe I’ll just wait and see how the barrel is doing and try mosquito dunks if I notice the larvae returning.


2 thoughts on “Update on the rain barrel

  1. Try the fish again! That’s crazy cool. Do they need some kind of greenery though to keep the water oxygenated? I have no idea about this stuff — just guessing. Would the pet store have any ideas?

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