Urban gardening

“Behold the miracle of the earth with all the wonder of a child.
—Edna Jacques

The other day I was strolling through Cambridge, my Chaco flips in hand, and I was in complete awe at all of the flowering rose bushes. One was climbing up and over the fence and into his neighbor’s yard – the bush was at least nine feet tall and looked as though it had no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Further down the street I spotted the infamous big blue rain barrel just at dusk:

Cambridge rain barrel

Cambridge rain barrel

I’m kinda’ bummed that I didn’t get more pictures while I was wandering around barefoot on the sidewalks. There were great big planters brimming with vegetable plants and several houses had made the tiniest of vegetable gardens in the little square of dirt surrounding the street signs. How clever! Concrete everywhere and then a splash of greens.

As for my own backyard my poblanos are blossoming:

Poblano blossoms

Poblano blossoms

And the tomatoes are growing like weeds:

Tall tomatoes

Tall tomatoes

Wondering why I was wandering around Cambridge? Oleana’s amazing falafels that literally melt in the mouth. Yum. Definitely in the #mouthgasm category.


One thought on “Urban gardening

  1. The genius of Oleana is how beautifully orchestrated the desserts are with the menu. One can get an exceptional meal in a lot of places in metro Boston, but for a flavor palate to carry over from wine to first course to entree to pastry they way they do at Oleana transforms the whole experience from mere dining to edible art. This is a restaurant run with love, which is why it’s such a perfect choice for an anniversary celebration. You’re one lucky, happy couple!

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