Do I need to shop at the supermarket?

I was reading this post about not shopping at the grocery store for a month, or even a full year. It made me sit down and think, do I need to shop at the supermarket? What if I could buy and/or make everything I need minus a short list of staple items and rarely set foot in a grocer’s again? That would be so cool!

So I declare that August 2011 will be the month of only-necessary grocery store shopping for my household. We will continue shopping at the local farmers markets, and get our weekly CSA box. Some pantry items that we use on a regular basis will come from the grocery or mom & pop health food store, like:

  • salt
  • sugar
  • coffee beans/filters
  • vinegar
  • flour
  • cat food (if left to me my cats would graze on blueberries all day)

Yes, she loves blueberry yogurt popsicles

Now if I could just buckle down and do some more kitchen prep work for frequently purchased items that I don’t *have* to buy from the grocery store, like:

  • bread
  • condiments (from salad dressings to mustard)
  • broths and stocks
  • pasta sauce
  • pasta (break out the pasta machine!)

Whaddya’ think? Will we survive without the grocery store? It sounds like paradise to me!


3 thoughts on “Do I need to shop at the supermarket?

  1. how can you get your cats to eat blueberries? mine won’t touch them! but i’m in for the challenge!!!! lella

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