My Friend the Soil

July was a good growing month for my container garden and my fingers are crossed for a hearty August harvest. This is my first year using a sub-irrigated planter (called a SIP) system and I am having mixed results. I bought one box, the “City Pickers” version at Home Depot for around $30 and two weeks later I grabbed a second one before they disappeared from shelves.

This is what my organic, heirloom tomato box looked like on June 3rd:

Tomatoes June 3rd

Then on the 22nd:

Tall tomatoes

Tomatoes June 22nd

Then on July 31st (BTW, they’re taller than me):

Tomatoes July 31st

Walk with me through the rest of my garden…

Here’s my sweet leaf plant, the 2011 version. I have been growing Stevia since I first discovered this useful plant in the 90s. I pick the fuller leaves, roll them between my palms and plop them into limeade, iced tea or my water bottle for the gym with a slice of lemon.

Stevia Plant aka "Sweet Leaf"

The bird bath/water fountain is running on a solar pump for the first time this year – the pump runs about three hours a day when the sun is out, which seems to keep the birds happy and the mosquitoes pissed off. A fair trade if I say so myself. 🙂

Bird Bath/Water Fountain

Then there’s my vine tomato plant which has produced blossoms but not much resembling fruit yet. He’s over seven feet tall.

Italian Sun-Dried Tomato Plant

I’ve had no luck with my poblano peppers keeping fruit much past the blossom stage. This is disappointing as it is so hard to find good poblanos in the New England area. If only I could have a sack each of Ancho and Hatch chiles sent to me!


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