August Grocery Challenge: Week One

Sometimes you wanna’ go where everybody knows your name

This week’s soundtrack is brought to you by the theme song to Cheers. In an effort to keep up with the challenge of shopping at independent food and restaurant venues I am hitting all of my usual local spots more frequently. Just before the challenge started I went on a shopping spree to stock the pantry:

  • 2 jugs of vinegars – white and apple cider for pickling and relishes
  • natural cane sugar – for all the jam I’ve been making
  • flour – for my bread baking hobby and to keep my 8-month-old sourdough starter going during the challenge

I also hit up the Whole Foods for a bottle of Medaglia D’Oro instant espresso so I am not tempted to run to the nearest Starbucks for a morning cuppa’. Our nearest independent cafe, right around the corner from my house and on my “commute” to work, put their espresso machine away for the summer because they have a greater call for frozen yogurt than cappuccinos. 😦

I have no local source for whole milk and my favorite indie health food store didn’t have any on Wednesday. It was frustrating to have to turn to the supermarket in town to grab a half gallon of milk and a quart of buttermilk. But that’s my only real complaint on sourcing grocery staples thus far.

Pros of the challenge to date:

  • Being on a first name basis with the folks that feed me – farmers, shopkeepers, chefs, and their staff.
  • Cleaning out the pantry one jar of masala simmer sauce and packet of mushroom gravy at a time.
  • Knowing exactly what’s in the freezer, right now.
  • Getting back into meal plan mode after a long hiatus.

Let’s see how I feel by next week! lol.


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