August grocery challenge: week 2 in review

I hit up the local supermarket last week for brown sugar (something I was surprised my indie health food store didn’t carry!), and rice vinegar. Our CSA box continues to give us a variety of options but I missed the farmers market due to a raging migraine so I hit up the indie farm stand (the year-round kind) for some extra items to round out ingredients for recipes I was working on.

I’ve been pickling up a storm with the leftover CSA items that I can’t get to right away and am looking forward to enjoying a bounty of pickled beets, Russian style brined tomatoes and the 5 pounds of sauerkraut I started all this last week. We’re making an extra effort to eat out at only independent restaurants, though I did hit up the local coffee chain in a moment of insomnia-induced weakness.

Independent store options I would like to see near me in the future include a locally owned pharmacy (the indie health food store doesn’t sell bandaids or Pepto), and an indie office supply store (for printer paper). I’d much rather patronize an indie store than the local Walgreens and Staples. Though neither of these have anything to do with grocery shopping! 🙂


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