Homemade mustard and pretzels

I prioritized my tasks yesterday and blogging about idea 5 didn’t make the cut. What did make the cut was:

  • work errands (bank, 3 gallon jugs of water)
  • household errands (cat food at the local indie pet shop)
  • clients
  • making eating mustard and pretzels with a girlfriend

I found a recipe in the giant The King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion book that I have checked out from the library. The pretzels were very simple to make and the illustration on twisting the dough into a pretzel shape was very helpful. I’m pretty sure there’s a memory of me shaping pretzels as a kid, and maybe I tried making pretzels as a teen, but this was my first time making them as an adult and it won’t be my last!

Now I started the mustard on Wednesday following two recipes from the wonderful SB Canning blog – the first was the basic mustard recipe, and the second was the Sri Lanken mustard recipe. Let me tell you, the garlic and ginger smelled so amazing when I opened that jar of steeping mustard seeds after two days, wow! Now to get blending – my amazing food processor can’t compare to the $20 bullet blender when it comes to making mustard. Both batches were very creamy in the little blender, the poor food processor just spun the seeds round and round. For the herb additions we used a teaspoon of smoky paprika chipotle seasoning and two teaspoons of chili powder in the Sri Lanken version. For the basic version we opted for a teaspoon of Celestial Seasonings’ Sun-dried tomato, basil, spinach herb mix.

Our taste test consisted of a warmed pretzel and a dollop of each of the mustards on a plate. My favorite was the Sri Lanken, and I cannot wait to see how it ages in a few days, it was rich and creamy with a smokiness from the paprika that I really loved. The basic mustard packed a bite and we think it may be due to the brown mustard seeds. Don’t get me wrong, I will gladly eat it, but I think it will be a little overwhelming on a sandwich if it doesn’t mellow out in the fridge after a couple days.


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