catching up on my zen-thing: days 8-10

As I get further into the 72 ideas in 72 days project I realize that I am using downtime to carry out tasks and getting much more accomplished offline. While I will continue working on the project every day, I may not be blogging about it every day. These are baby steps towards a more simple and enjoyable routine!

So let’s recap from idea 8:

8. Limit your media consumption.
My media consumption these days is almost exclusively internet and TV related. I only read magazines when I am on vacation, and only those magazines that add to my existing interest and hobbies – cooking, upcycling, organizing the home, etc… Every once in awhile I sit down and read a trade magazine related to the industry I work in – this happens a handful of times a year. But online I read and read and read. Taking a fast from the internet won’t work for my business but I can be  more focused when I’m in the office. This week I kept only the most vital browser windows open in tabs while I was working on course syllabi and it was very helpful. At home I’ve been weighing my options to: a.) turn on the TV, b.) read a book, c.) cook or bake, or d.) call a friend. The television seems minutely important when I think of the other fun things I could do. 🙂

9. Purge your stuff.
With the changing of the seasons I give away a vast amount of household goods and clothing to the VVA and Salvation Army. I’m still drowning in stuff! My action plan? I am starting in the laundry room this week, where things can get out of control fast, by inspecting every item that I pull out of the dryer. This method of sorting allows me to choose the path for each item: it can be folded and returned to a dresser to go through the fall with us, it can be folded and taken to the off-season dresser to see us in the spring, or it can take a ride in a bag and find a new home via donation. I’ve been using this method of carefully screening garments twice a year for years, I love it!

10. Get rid of the big items.
This spring we did a furniture purge resulting in a room swap of our home office and guest room. This weekend we, my partner and I, have a planned walk through of the house to take inventory of any furniture items that could be freecycled, craigslisted or donated. I have a few pieces in mind…


One thought on “catching up on my zen-thing: days 8-10

  1. I’m still wondering what I’m going to do for Day 10, but I love the idea of a house walk-through! I think it’s something I can do tonight because we definitely have furniture we don’t need. I just need to identify it!

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