Attack of the delicious tomatoes…

Change the lyrics in your mind to “attack of the delicious tomatoes…” yeah, now you’ve got my canning theme song for the day!

What am I talking about you ask? Why these beauties of course:

delicious heirloom tomatoes

Yesterday we rented out a church kitchen and made:

  • 3 quarts of hot pack quartered tomatoes (see Ball Blue Book)
  • two batches of “zesty salsa” (also from Ball Blue Book)
  • two batches of tomato basil jam (we followed SB Canning’s recipe again)

Then I came home, wiped my brow, and proceeded to blanch and peel some ten pounds of tomatoes for Tomato Butter. Since I was doubling the recipe I gave it a bit over 24 hours to cook down in my slow cooker until it was really thick. Then I added all of the other ingredients (sugar and honey and lemon juice, etc), and put them up in jars. Brown sugar + tomatoes + cinnamon + nutmeg = mouthgasm. Oh my is this a tasty butter!

all gone

OK hurricane Irene, give me all you’ve got! I’m prepared with a hefty stockpile of jams, butters and salsa to survive all manner of natural disasters. Just don’t take my jam!!!


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