zen backlog – items 11+

This 72 ideas in 72 days has been fantastic for me but not so great for keeping a daily blog. I’ve re-prioritized my time and goals so much that sitting down to blog regularly has become very low on the things that must get done list. That’s okay though because I am delighted to be clearing things from my list that aren’t mega important.

Just to catch you up on my progress though, let’s review what mediocre or cool things happened since day 10:

11. Edit Your Rooms

I started in the basement where our laundry room is and have spent 10-15 every day going through the house. I still have a bit to go as I have broken this task down into a manageable chore that can be done once a day.

12. Edit closets and drawers

The kitchen utensils drawer was the first to get a complete edit – I pulled everything out of the drawer and sorted it all. If we didn’t use it on a regular basis and it wasn’t a gadget that absolutely HAD to stay with us it went in the donation bag. Voila! Now I can find the spatula when my cheese sauce for mac n’ cheese is threatening to scorch in the double boiler without being stabbed by wine bottle openers (that belongs on the wine rack silly!!), or having three whisks jump out of the drawer onto the floor. Whew! This is my new favorite drawer in the house. 🙂

13. Simplify your wardrobe

Another project that I can’t complete right now because we’re in that middle season between cool mornings and hot afternoons. Slowly but surely I am culling items and have put a stop order on any new clothing purchases without a specific list (i.e. socks, underwear, new sandals to replace the one with the broken strap).

14. Simplify your computing life

I am still in progress on this particular step for multiple reasons: a.) I don’t trust online apps for most of my business files as I have to be legally in compliance with state and federal privacy laws and Google Docs/etc… just doesn’t cut it for me, b.) the online “cloud” systems are expensive and unreliable, c.) I am on a small budget (see b.)).

For now I am forcing myself to leave ‘work’ at the office and not bring it home with me. Time to pay bills? Go to the office and hammer it out. Need to work on the e-newsletter? Ditto. This has been rather refreshing as my laptop at home is used for personal needs only and the desktop at the office can pull double duty.

15. Declutter your digital packrattery

This one is scary for a digital packrat like myself. Plus I am legally required to keep years and years worth of digital files in an encrypted and secure sort of way. Blech. One trend I noticed was that I had a lot of email subscriptions to blogs, newsletters and so forth that I actually never read. In about 15-20 minutes I can unsubscribe to a handful of newsletters and purge the inbox of this clutter. Just like the editing I am doing at home of clutter that hides in drawers and nooks and crannies I am doing the same thing here at the office on the computer. Yes!

16. Create a simplicity statement

I love this question: What do you want your simple life to look like?

My motto: I have time for work and play and follow my intuition for each day’s balance.

17. Limit your buying habits

I am pretty conservative buyer – I shop at second hand, consignment and resale stores for clothes – I source locally grown, organic foods that are good for us and very budget-friendly – my idea of ‘retail therapy’ is to run out and buy curry powder to make a mean simmer sauce.

That doesn’t mean I don’t shop, or that I succumb to the occasional splurge purchase and later wonder what on earth I was thinking! Hehe. For the most part though, I got this one covered.

18. Free up time

Oh time! Yeah, I can absolutely get sucked into a project that takes mega long and wasn’t the best use of my resources. I am gradually removing these temptations from my list and focusing on the projects that are really important to me. My one big vice? Social media. Facebook in particular. I realized yesterday that I’ve been using Facebook basically every day for the last three years. Holy smokes! That’s a lot of distracted hours!


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