23. drive slowly


Drive slowly. Most people rush through traffic, honking and getting angry and frustrated and stressed out. And endangering themselves and others in the meantime. Driving slower is not only safer, but it is better on your fuel bill, and can be incredibly peaceful. Give it a try. Read more.

My senses play a big role in keeping my cool behind the wheel. I drive slow cars, slowly, play classical music and frequently difuse essential oils. In warm months I like to drive with the windows down, which also means I won’t be going fast because it gets too windy and loud.

My commute is 90% on foot these days and that I have found can be slowed down too. It takes me just as long to get to the post office if I’m rushing or if I notice nature along the way! I timed it once out of curiosity. Might as well enjoy the view while I stroll.


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