39. exercise

39. Exercise. This goes along the same lines as eating healthy, as it simplifies your life in the long run, but it goes even further: exercise helps burn off stress and makes you feel better. It’s great. Here’s how to create the exercise habit.

We used to bop around from gym membership to gym membership – pseudo exercising. It was on the mandatory cop-out list of resolutions every January 1st and usually piddled out by March.

Then the recession happened and we found life in general got more stressful. If we weren’t stressed lots of folks around us were and that fear spreads like the flu. Turns out working out is a huge stress buster and we had better weeks when we hit the gym than if we skipped it. We still struggled with fitting it into our odd work schedules until I saw a blurb on Doctor Oz about exercising first thing in the morning to burn more fat and feel more motivated. Then we became part of that weird clic of people that go to the gym at 6:30am – not even recognizing our old evening workout routines. The energy! The giant arm muscles (look out Cameron Diaz)! Exercising felt good for the first time in my life. Yeah!

While on vacation recently I enjoyed that we walked a lot, swam in the ocean a lot and way surpassed the recommended 30 minutes of weight-bearing activity every day. Unfortunately we haven’t hit the gym since we’ve been home – between a broken toe for one of us and nagging insomnia for the other it just hasn’t happened. The evening walks around the neighborhood have been great for head clearing but I miss my morning gym routine. 😦 We’ll jump back in after the toe heals and the insomnia lets up a bit, hoping for a return to our normal routines next week.


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