Sun Dried Tomato and Chili Loaf

Peppers in New England didn’t have the best growing season this year — it was too wet, then hurricane Irene came, then it was hot-cold-hot-cold. When I pulled my planter box of peppers into the house the evening before our first chilly night I wasn’t sure what would happen. But I think I had a good call on bringing them inside because the few peppers that were trying to grow are still growing!

With a big red chili from my (indoor) garden and the same lovely smoked paprika I used when making mustard (see post here) I was ready to tackle this recipe:

Sun Dried Tomato and Chili Bread

Sun Dried Tomato and Chili Loaf
adapted from bread machine easy by Sara Lewis

9 ounces water
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon salt (I use coarse ground sea salt)
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 large red chili from the garden, chopped finely and deseeded (like a red Anaheim)
300 grams bread flour
150 grams whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon raw cane sugar
1-1/4 teaspoon fast acting yeast
2 ounces sun-dried tomatoes, chopped roughly (I use the dry pack, if you opt for one in a jar with oil be sure to drain the tomatoes really well)

Setup your bread machine pan (don’t forget the kneader blade!) and add the water, oil, salt, paprika and chopped chili. Spoon in the flours, well out a little indentation in the top and add your sugar and yeast to the well, this prevents your yeast from touching the liquid ingredients prematurely.

Fit the pan into your machine and set the bread to a 1-1/2 pound loaf on the fruit & nut cycle, if you have that option, or the whole wheat cycle. More advanced machines have fruit & nut cycles with a dispensing cup that will drop the chopped tomatoes into the loaf in its first knead cycle – if your machine doesn’t do this hover in the kitchen until the dough is well incorporated on the first knead cycle and then spoon your tomatoes into the pan.

After the baking cycle is complete carefully lift the pan from the machine and let the loaf sit in the pan for about 10 minutes before removing it with a spatula. Enjoy with butter alongside a hearty stew, or use the bread to upgrade a simple cheese sandwich.


2 thoughts on “Sun Dried Tomato and Chili Loaf

    • We received a bread machine as a wedding gift eight years ago and it is still going strong! There are days when I want my hands in the kneading, and I want to make more than one loaf. But when I’m busy I love tossing the ingredients into our machine and having a great loaf in a few hours.

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