Dark Days Week One (recap)

The Dark Days of Winter Challenge started November 27th, the day after our post-Thanksgiving Harvest potluck. I tried cobbling together a full DD (Dark Days) meal out of all of the leftovers that were overflowing from the refrigerator, and it went something like this:

  • Leftover Potato Gnocchi with Roasted Root Vegetables – vegetables came from our final week with Heavens Harvest Farm’s Fall CSA, flour in the gnocchi came from King Arthur’s which isn’t 100% in the 150 mile radius, sour cream dollops from Cabot’s of Vermont.
  • Vegetarian and Turkey Tortilla Soups – leftover non-local turkey (we didn’t budget for the cost of a local turkey running $50-80 so we had a nice free-range one from Pennsylvania), corn tortillas (not local), Cabot’s sour cream, our own poblano pepper (3 feet from the kitchen), a jar of tomatoes from North Shore heirloom tomatoes over the summer.
  • Rosemary & Cranberry Bread Sandwiches – homemade bread using our own rosemary (from the windowsill), local dried cranberries from the farm stand, flour from King Arthur, homemade cranberry mustard (local cranberries!), leftover turkey for the hubby and very unlocal avocado for me.

It wasn’t the most exciting week of culinary adventures in the kitchen but it worked to get us through the massive backlog of food sitting in containers in the fridge.


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