Dark Days Meals #6-12 Roundup

Ack! I’ve been off my game keeping up with posts for the Dark Days Challenge of late. Part due to a very busy schedule, and part due to sheer laziness when it comes to blogging. So yeah, busy/lazy and posts haven’t happened. The meals must go on though! We’ve been eating like royalty all winter long using fresh, delicious, local ingredients for more than a single meal a week. As I run out of some of my pantry staples I’ve been trying to source them local when possible (again, ingredients like sugar and cocoa powder don’t come local to New England!). We’ve also shifted some of our eating styles to include local ingredients in a similar category – such as using local honey instead of sugar from some tropical origin.

One of the big hangups for local has been fruit. My partner and I started counting Weight Watchers points last month in an effort to shed some of the extra bread pounds we’d accumulated from the uber snowy winter of 2010-2011. It has been very successful, combined we’ve lost about 30 pounds, but we’ve introduced a greater amount of fruit and vegetables into our snacks during the day. Local produce that has been great for snacking:

Non-local produce is being purchased from independent, mom and pop, markets and includes things like bananas, avocados, and citrus. Some of the citrus we’ve been getting from Enterprise Farm’s farmers market stands and has included some delicious juicing oranges and grapefruit from Florida.

Meal Roundup

As promised, here we go:

Meal #9: Butternut Squash Soup and a Portobello Melt

Spinach Apple Carrot Juice

When Foodies get together for Superbowl: artisan cheese from NY, chili and meatballs with tons of local ingredients

Chocolate Bread Pudding Soaking: homemade bread, local milk, Taza chocolate and Ipswich rum


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