April in the Garden

The tomato seedlings are growing taller each week. I’ve been taking them outside several days a week and leaving them in this plastic bin to shelter them from some of the strong winds we’ve had lately. Only 40 seedlings left to plant! 😉

The snow peas are starting to blossom and climb up their trellis:

And the potatoes have really taken off in these reusable shopping bags!

Brussels Sprouts, Kale and Boston Lettuce joined the green onions (the seeds are just coming up) and broccoli in this SIP box:

More Kale, Lettuce and Brussels Sprouts are hanging out in this SIP box with two tomato seedlings:

This one’s a little too crowded right now, I’ll be moving two of the Brussels Sprouts out but for now it is sharing real estate with two tomatoes and another kale plant:

And here’s my little row of plants hardening off outdoors yesterday (all of the tomatoes came in because of the frost warning):

This green explosion is a Black Krim tomato surrounded by spicy microgreens, the microgreens are delicious added to salads and have very shallow roots making them a great companion for the tomato plant:

So that’s about it. I seeded the bee garden before the heavy rains we had on Saturday-Sunday and am hoping to see sprouts coming up soon. What have you been up to in your garden this month? Are you as anxious as I am for this growing season to really take off? 🙂


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