Friday: Things I like

Hurricane Sandy gave us a ton of wind here in the Boston area, nowhere near what NY and NJ were hit with, but the kind of wind that makes your neighbor’s trees go horizontal and your heart climb into your throat. After a full day of clients I couldn’t tolerate sitting around and watching news reports as pictures of an apocalyptic-sized hurricane ravaged our neighbors to the Southwest. Out came Paul Hollywood’s 100 Great Breads and into the oven went a healthy batch of whole wheat blueberry scones. It’s a rather hodge-podge bread book that has inspired peanut butter loaves and chocolate-cherry breads, so be it quirky I do enjoy his recipes.

Friday: Things I like

Gypsy Forest’s cinnamon maple sunflower seed butter was inspired by Marisa’s cookbook (pictured above) and I must say it is delicious! I propped open my copy of the book and used Marisa’s original recipe as a guideline but definitely added the maple syrup and coconut oil from Gypsy Forest’s version. My husband says it is reminiscent of Halva.

Rachel Gargano’s Tomato Ricotta Pie looks to die for!

A petition is out to ban plastic bags in Massachusetts, woot!

I’m baking my way through Cultures for Health’s Collection of Sourdough Muffin Recipes

Mother Earth News found an 11-year old to write about her pet worms, aka vermicomposting worms

ABC News has a list of charities that are assisting folks after Hurricane Sandy – please give a little if you can!

Jenn Cuisine is putting together a Food Bloggers Support for Sandy event slated for November 8th


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