Up and Down in Austin

Five weeks in Austin. 2b92b36cb4de11e2a46f22000a1de414_7 It’s been a surreal roller coaster ride – up and down. I joined the S.O. in early May – too late for bluebonnets but just in time for tomatoes. Our apartment kitchen is the size of a shoebox and it took ages to cram my usual hoard of pantry items into nooks and crannies. I’m more or less setup for everyday cooking and have been churning out some tasty meals and baked goods featuring local-grown fruits and veggies. Yum!

Craving a deeper experience of what makes Austin tick we booked ourselves in for the Up & Down tour co-hosted by Casa Brasil and South Austin Brewing Company.


It did not disappoint. We got the wikipedia version of coffee history and got to taste really bad coffee, barely roasted coffee, old coffee, delicious coffee and burnt coffee.

20130608_120119We even witnessed the roasting process – a real treat for the senses!

20130608_112251After a break for lunch we were lead further down the row of warehouses to start phase two – the down (mellow) part of the tour: BEER

20130608_122813The S.O. was delighted with this part of the tour – he’s really not a coffee addict like I am but beer, that’s a necessary ingredient for his life.

20130608_132952Just as before, we got the wiki version of beer history around the globe and then sampled really good beer, beer that tasted like it had been run through a bicycle inner tube (old beer), and got the full tour of the process South Austin Beer Company uses to make their beers. We were told that Austin has ideal water quality for brewing beer and that got us excited to get back into homebrewing – later this summer.

I’m not sure if I should find a gumball machine with temporary tattoos to plaster over my body before hitting up the local grocery store. It is not possible to be bored here, at all. And they smile. Every last one of them smile, and say “howdy” and tell you to have a good day, and want to chat your ear off in the bank lobby or the cat litter aisle at the pet store. I know, weird, right? How long does it take to settle into the wonderful-friendliness of the South? Oh, and tacos are the most addicting thing on the planet. I’m on track to eat my weight in tacos, guacamole and heirloom tomatoes. 🙂



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